There are lots of things that I get asked about when it comes to starting a professional tarot business that actually makes money and gets you out of working a second job or having another source of income.  Out of all the advice I could give you here are three things that you can do right away:

1. Know Yourself – Here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

Who are you as a reader? What do you want to present to the world?  What are your strengths?  How do you read? What do you need what you stand for?

Answering these questions will help show you what your strengths are, what you believe in and how you’re going to read.

As long as you have a clear focus and as long as you know what your reading style is you’re ahead of the game. You will be able to quickly create content on your website that caters to the kind of readings that you do. It will guide you when writing your bio, writing content and setting up your services.

2. Know Your Audience – Who are you going to read for? Don’t say, everyone.

When you start thinking about you want to read for or what kind of clients you want to attract to your website there is this inclination to say, “I want to read for everybody.”

I’ve seen plenty of bios that try to incorporate a style that pleases everyone. It makes you seem passive and it’s just not realistic.

Clients come to you because there is something genuine you can offer them. You have some sort of value. So, don’t turn yourself into a generic, run-of-the-mill reader by offering your readings to “everybody”.

Find your specific niche and own it!

The more focused you get the more you will attract the clients that you want and be able to charge prices that you need to.

3. Know Your Services – Lots of readers get confused when I start talking services.

Here’s what I always hear, “What services could I offer? I just do readings.”

Well, there are other services you can offer besides readings. You can write e-books. You can record meditations. You can do interactive e-courses…the possibilities are limitless…

As long as you know yourself and you know your audience, you can create all kinds of services that cater to your strengths and will be profitable.

So, think outside of the box.

But if you are going to stick to just doing tarot readings here is the one thing you should never, ever do: Don’t charge by the number of cards.

It’s just not a good service and it screams novice.  It’s very generic.  It doesn’t tell your client what you do and it doesn’t explain your process.

Clients are paying for your unique interpretation and intuitive insight of the cards. So, be brave, be yourself and show them what you can offer beyond a card spread.

You don’t want to be just the tarot reader that reads everybody and does five-cards-for-$20 readings. Make sure that you’re standing out from the crowd. Make sure you put your unique spin on it.


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