Your superpower is that you FEEL so intensely. You absorb the emotions around you. You react to the thoughts and feelings of others. You are sensitive and sometimes you feel overwhelmed. I know you probably feel like it’s a weakness (it’s not). I know you feel like you don’t have any control over it.


Here are some ways that you can start controlling your empathic abilities:

#1 ACKNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE THEM You can’t control your empathic abilities if you are constantly denying them, trivializing them or explaining them away. Get cozy with the idea that you are sensitive and empathic and stop denying your superpowers.

#2 STOP HANGING OUT WITH NEGATIVE PEOPLE Get rid of naysayers, skeptics, psychic vampires, narcissists, manipulators or anyone whose default setting is “asshole” because they will keep you in a state of confusion. Negative people don’t want you to succeed. They want you to suffer along with them or they want you to be a pawn in their game. Getting in touch with your empathic abilities is an empowering experience where you get to be a co-creator of your reality. You will need room to shine and you can’t do that when negative people are always trying to push you back into their drama.

#3 RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS You’re going to need to raise your vibrations in order to control your empathic abilities. Fear, doubt and overwhelm are lower vibrations that stifle your empathic abilities. They keep you from being able to use them in a healthy way that will get you more of what you want in your life. The easiest way to start raising your vibrations is through chakra clearings, guided meditations and practice using your psychic abilities on a daily basis.

#4 LEARN HOW TO SHIELD You need to be able to distinguish between your feelings and those who are from the people around you. The reason why a lot of empaths go into panic or overwhelm is that the boundaries between their feelings and other people’s feelings are convoluted. It’s scary when you can’t decipher your own feelings because you’re feeling everything from everyone around you. One of the easiest ways to shield is to stop hanging around with negative people (see #3) who bring you down. Another way to shield is to start practicing saying “no” when you don’t feel like doing something or if it makes you feel uncomfortable. This simple act will help you start to create boundaries with the people around you. They will start to energetically break away and give you some needed space to identify your own feelings.

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