Hi I’m Heather Woodward. (Think Joanne.)

My passion is showing women how to be powerful and profitable without having to fit into a man’s world.

Femininity is not a four-letter word. You can be all woman and still succeed.

Money does not discriminate.

There is a limitless amount of feminine creativity and abundance at your fingertips and you can claim in at any time. Nobody can take that away from you. Not your boss. Not your husband. Not your children.

The key to tapping into that innovative force is to stop letting yourself be tricked into thinking that power is driven by the masculine.

It’s not.


As a woman, you have everything you need within you to be powerful and profitable.

You don’t have to change your stance or lower your voice or pull your hair back.

You don’t have to quietly sit on the sidelines seething in resentment as you watch others who are not as qualified as you get raises or promotions or start their own business.

You don’t have to tuck away your dream of owning a cupcake bakery or becoming a metaphysical practitioner because it isn’t practical enough.

The time of the shrunken violet is over.

So, go throw away your drab navy blue “power” suit. (There’s nothing powerful about boring.) Shove off those tired and outdated nude hose. Get rid of those sensible heels and stop trying to fit in.

There’s no need for that.

I am giving you the permission right now to dream bolder, take bigger risks and ask for what you want unabashedly. No holds barred.

And if you are scared, confused or don’t know how…

Don’t worry.  I can help you be whoever you want to be. Do whatever you want to do.

Be the powerful goddess and divine wild woman that you are destined to be.

I am a coach, a visionary and an intuitive goddess

I can show you how to

: step into your vision and make your dreams a reality (even the outlandish ones.)

: lead through the feminine and trust your inner guidance and psychic hits.

: profit from your success so that you can start manifesting that “I wish…” list into fruition.

I’m not just blowing steam up your butt. I know this because I have done it.

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane…


My Journey. (The truncated version.)

I never fit in.

Both of my parents are narcissists and all that implies. So, I never felt like I had an identity. Most of the time I felt like an appendage.

My rebellious instincts kicked in quite early on and most of my teenage years were about fighting against the clutches of my parents’ tyrannical egos. I had this compulsion to be my own person and I did everything I could to find out what that looked like.

I was a wild child and took a lot of risks. I ran with the wrong crowds. I dated a lot of musicians, record-label executives and partied hard.

When I went to college my aspirations were to become a journalist or a writer and travel the world writing articles about my experiences. That was my idea of living a free life.

My plan didn’t quite work out.

I got pregnant.

All of a sudden it wasn’t about me anymore. The family bond hormones kicked in and I decided that I was going to try my hardest to be a “normal” person for the sake of my son.

On the surface, my life looked pretty cool. I always had a house, a boyfriend and a good paying job. But I also had severe anxiety attacks that eventually turned into a short term bout of agoraphobia.

I couldn’t seem to hold down a job for more than a year. Money was okay but it barely covered the bills. I gained all of my baby weight back (talk about eating your feelings.) And the guys I dated were all very self-absorbed.

I was clinging to this ridiculous idea of what “normal” looked like and failing miserably at it. I felt totally powerless in my life and I had no idea what to do about it.

So, there I was fat and 30 and not married.

Sounds like the start of a sitcom, right?

Adding insult to injury my meddling mother kept telling me that I had better get hitched quickly because women have an expiration date. She told me that men don’t want women after they hit 30 and especially those with children out of wedlock.

This milk was already becoming sour.

So, in my stubborn attempt to be normal and in an anxiety-riddle haze of urgency I got married to the wrong man. Those two years I think of like my time in prison. Words cannot express how ugly and awful I felt about my life and who I had become.

Then something really wonderful and weird happened. No longer afflicted with agoraphobia I decided to take a trip to Tucson, Arizona. Away from the craziness of my “normal” life, I discovered a little spark of my old self. That rebellious visionary who just wanted to travel the world and play by her own rules.

That spark led me to make an impromptu phone call where I told my husband that I was going to leave him and move.  I traveled back to California packed up my stuff and ended my marriage. The whole process only took ten days.

From there I went on a really strange journey of self. Being divorced was really liberating and I decided that I wasn’t going to be “normal “anymore. I just couldn’t do it. So, I didn’t.

Since then I have never looked back.


Here’s What I Did with My Glorious Liberation

: I hosted a paranormal convention in California.

: I traveled to haunted locations and wrote two books about my experiences. (I am searchable on Amazon)

: I have been interviewed a bazillion times for print, radio and podcasts. (Google me. 😉

: I started a tarot business and made a lot of money.

: I got interviewed for a Lifetime paranormal show on The Queen Mary

: I helped scout haunted locations for a psychic television show.

: I was considered for my own paranormal show twice.

: I created a paranormal group that was the inspiration for a few paranormal pilots and television shows.

: I hosted a prominent terrestrial psychic radio show in Tucson, Arizona (The Psychic Connection on JOLT)

: I hosted a psychic podcast for many years when they weren’t cool. (The Psychic Connection on Blog Talk Radio for 7 years)

: I produced and directed a paranormal documentary that was featured at Troy Taylors film festival. (Dead of Winter Festival)

: I won Best Psychic on a popular East Coast radio show.

: I created and taught a psychic development course for a college in Tucson, Arizona. (Pima Community College)

: I revamped my tarot business into a coaching business and made even more money.

: I created a tarot deck. (Archetypes of the Divine Wild Woman)



AS OF 2018

: I took a break from the online coaching world to run my own brick and mortar store.

: I opened a crystal and new age boutique. (Castle Warehouse + Wampum Trading Post)

: I furthered my studies in Parapsychology

: I host and produce 2 podcasts + a blog (NVus Alien + Three Witches Three)

: I founded a group thought form experiment in progress. (The Pearl Project)

: I started coaching and doing readings again.