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Fiercely Protect What is Yours

In ancient Hindu mythology, the Divine Feminine (or Shakti) is aspected by the embodiment of the triple Goddess: Saraswati, the goddess of applied arts, creativity, and intellectual reasoning; Lakshmi, the goddess of material fulfillment and prosperity, as well as the hearth and home; and Parvati, the benevolent and nurturing mother goddess. Although Parvati is associated with the gentle mother, she has an additional manifestation known as Durga, the fierce and protective warrior.  

As Durga, the demon slayer, goes to battle and fights for the righteous she is overcome by the frenzy of war and bloodlust takes ahold of her. From her Third Eye Chakra spawns a dissociate goddess, Kali. Kali is the untamed, feral version of Durga. She appears with black skin and red glowing eyes, riding a ferocious tiger, with a garland of skulls around her neck, and her tongue hanging out of her mouth like a wild beast. She holds a sword in one hand and spins in a whirlwind frenzy, and those who get caught in her path are ripped to shreds by the blade. Then, she ecstatically dances over the bodies as she cannibalizes her enemies.

Kali comes to you to urge you to fiercely protect what is yours. You are being called to battle, and no one is playing fairly. This is not a battle you will win by rolling over, you must defend yourself. Take no prisoners. There may be casualties and unpleasantness for a time, but you must purge the demons that threaten your success so to eradicate the root of the problem.

Mantra: Om Kim Kalika-Yei Namaha

Card created, written and interpreted by Christina Quick



Yemaya is the Yoruba Orisha Goddess of the Living Ocean. Because the ocean is considered the birthplace of all life on this earth, she is called the mother of all. She is fiercely protective and strong, yet motherly and nurturing. She is slow to anger but when provoked beyond reprieve, she can destroy violently, like a storm at sea.

Yemaya teaches one to absorb discontent and stand strong in what’s most important. She reminds you to choose your battles because your importance is great. You have a greater purpose that you must fight for and protect against all odds.

She encourages you to stand in your power, vigilantly protecting it, but also nurturing it and lovingly encouraging its growth.

And she assures you that, if need be, you have the strength, the bravery, and the will to destroy any obstacle or threat that leers before you.

Card created, written and interpreted by Leah Patterson



Lilith’s origins are shrouded in mystery and centuries of fear, blame, rage, and isolation, her stories dark with whisperings of baby stealing and cavorting with demons. Held up as a woman rejected and cast out when she did not submit to Adam as his first wife. The eternal femme fatale. She was the ancient symbol of what happened to women who demanded equality.

Her name translates to screech owl and her screech cannot be silenced. She holds the rage of women who have realized that their sexuality has been made dirty by those who fear the power of it and the power of free women. She appears as the first woman created on Earth, but according to legend, God formed Lilith not just from pure dust, he also used filth and residue, making her forever dirty and scored. More recently, Lilith has become an icon of freedom, associated with sexual energy, creativity, rebellion, and feminine power. She is a symbol of divine matriarchal energy that refuses to be dominated or controlled. Michelangelo portrayed her as a half woman, half serpent being wrapped around the Tree of Knowledge. Dante’s “Lady Lilith” was created as the most beautiful feminine being in the world.

Lilith reminds women that they are worthy. She inspires courage to stand up for what you believe in. She helps us let go of worries about what other people think and encourages us not to hold on to cruel and needless criticisms. She is fiercely independent, decisive, determined and does not suffer fools. Lilith’s energy is here to support us in gracefully saying goodbye to anyone or anything that wasn’t meant for us. Her fire releases the pain and tension that has built up from holding on for far too long.

Card created, written and interpreted by Lilly Rodriguez


Danu is one of the oldest Celtic deities, Mother of the Gods and Tuatha de Dannan, the first tribe that lived in Ireland. So ancient, in some references she is both goddess and god. An all-encompassing Divine Source and Triple Goddess, she is able to take the form of Maiden, Mother or Crone. Danu connects us to the legend and power of the Leprechauns and Faery Folk.

Danu is the Goddess of Dreams Come True and reminds us of our worth and capability. She shines her light on our highest truth so we may move beyond goals born of low self-worth and limited vision. Danu empowers us to embrace our Golden Dreams, realigning us with our Truth, truth that is abundant, flourishing, fertile, wise and empowered. She reminds us that we are the director of our own destiny and that within us we wield the power to realize our Greatest Dreams Come True.

The Celtic Symbols born of the children of Danu are the Spear, Stone, Sword, and Cauldron:
The Spear, Fire, passion, creativity, channeled attention.
The Stone, Earth, strength, grounded energy, Mother Earth.
The Sword, Air, communication, victory, courage under pressure.
The Cauldron, Earth, endless supply, cleansing, healing.

Card created, written and interpreted by Lilly Rodriguez


Saraswati or Sarasvati is the Hindu goddess of arts, wisdom, music, and learning. She is the wife of Hindu God Brahma (the Creator). Her name literally means “the one who gives the essence (Sara) of our own Self(Swa/Sva)” She

She symbolizes our need for our creative side to blossom in order to flow into our true essence of Self. Her energy is one that helps us to rise above the materialistic world. By doing so we feel lighter and have more fun in our lives. Listening to music, creative writing and thinking, painting, singing, dancing, etc. all help us to move to our highest vibration. Connecting to Goddess Saraswati will help us to focus and steer away from procrastination.

The more we freely practice our creativity, the more in tune we are to ourselves, unlocking knowledge and wisdom that settles deep inside of us ready to come out. Saraswati is considered to be the “goddess of speech” and “she who dwells in sound.” She helps us to become impeccable with our words, as our words create matter. Saraswati appearing in your life means having to let go and have fun, she will help uncover the things you need to see and know the most.

Card created, written and interpreted by Jennifer Morales



Sacred Goddess of Laughter, Vegetation, and Sexuality

Baubo the “Sacred Fool”, Goddess of Laughter, is well known for how she broke Demeter from her despair at the loss of her daughter Persephone to Hades. Who better than Baubo, the Goddess of Vegetation, who knew the vegetation needed to come back from the winter frost, and she had the means to make that happen. Baubo the feisty, Raunchy, Risque, Goddess of Sacred Sexuality lifts her smock to reveal something below that made Demeter laugh. You know what is worn under a kilt. Well, what Demeter saw that Baubo wore under her dress is that Baubo was a Hermaphrodite and wore both sexualities. So making her a special Goddess to many especially those in the LGBQT community. All hail Baubo! Let us honor her by snacking of veggies, and then lift our cups, lift our spirits, by lifting our skirts. Laughter will always be the best medicine.

Card created, written and interpreted by Annie Zimbel



You receive my love and wisdom at all pivotal moments of your life. I am here to guide you when you need direction -especially when faced with decisions of choosing a new pattern over an old one. I will give you clarity of purpose and the deep

I will give you clarity of purpose and the deep wisdoms of reciprocity in all of your movements. Your gifts are empty if you don’t openly receive the gratitude, appreciation and material offerings of those who receive them and feel a strong desire to reciprocate. To give you must also receive. It only works in this way.

Card created, written and interpreted by Tawa Ranes



The Nymph Goddess of Seduction

In Greek Mythology, Calypso seduced and captured Odysseus keeping him from his wife for many years. Athena intervened and Calypso was forced to let him go. She even helped him build the boat that brought him safety.

Only Calypso felt a huge loss when Odysseus left. She felt she had saved him and didn’t understand why he had to leave her. Even though she was immortal she tried to kill herself. Obviously, it didn’t work and instead she just caused herself more pain.

In her positive aspects, Calypso represents the sexy seductress in us all. She is reminding you to use your divine feminine magick to get what you want. You’re more powerful than you realize.

In her negative aspect, Calypso represents the ties that bind us. They can be judgments about yourself, old habits that you don’t want to let go of or relationships that no longer serve you. She is reminding you to not cage yourself in your own sorrow.

Card created, written and interpreted by Heather Woodward


Also called Nemesis, Rhamnousia, Rhamnusia, Adrasteia.

Nemesis is the Goddess of “Divine Retribution.” She is feared by those who abuse power and/or wealth. She is appreciated and called upon by those overwhelmed by poverty, powerlessness and/or betrayal. She brings balance and justice where it is lacking. She brings humility to the entitled, blessings to the overworked and justice to those who have been victims. She is the destroyer of bullies in all forms.

Nemesis protects the divinity of love and shows no mercy to those who misuse love to steal the autonomy of another. Nemesis led Narcissus to the river where he saw his reflection for the first time. Unable to abandon his own ego reflection, he died at the river. Narcissus was not punished for self-love. He was punished for inspiring love in others with the intention of betrayal and to feed his own delusions of grandeur.

Call upon Nemesis to bring balance to one who has used love to cause harm, and leave your resentment in her hands.

Call upon Nemesis to deliver strength when you imagine you’re facing an unbeatable force, when you feel you are too small to stand up to an adversary.

Card created, written and interpreted by Jacqueline Hart



Shapeshifter Goddess of War, Fate and the Cycle of Death

She also presides over large bodies of water like rivers and lakes. Her animal totem is the raven. During war, she is depicted as a black crow flying over the battlefield.

Some have described Morrigan as the Irish Kali. She’s all aspects of the triple goddess: mother, maiden and crone.

The card reminds you that as a woman you are a multi-faceted, multi-passionate goddess. You don’t have to box yourself into one role or choose any one thing.

You can be who you want at any given time and change your mind at any given moment. Assert your independence and stay flexible. This is not the time to make big decisions or adhere to ultimatums. Instead, be like a shapeshifter and reinvent yourself.

Don’t be afraid to assert your power. War is sometimes the only answer. Wield your sword and cut through the bullshit.

Card created, written and interpreted by Heather Woodward


Minerva the Roman Goddess of Wisdom and Arts. She is better known for weaving, spinning, numbers and music, but is also known to be associated with science, medicine, magic and in Rome she is the Goddess of War. Due to her many attributes, she has also been named “Goddess of a Thousand Works”.

She is depicted with an oil branch and her sacred owl known as the “Owl of Minerva”
The owl is a symbol of her knowledge and wisdom.

Minerva is the daughter of Jupiter and Metis. She emerged from the head of Jupiter fully grown in her mother’s armor after Jupiter swallowed Metis in an attempt to stop a prophecy that his own child would grow strong and overthrow his rule of the Heavens. Metis supplied her child with her armor and weapons. The constant banging and pounding gave Jupiter horrible headaches. Vulcan used a hammer to split Jupiter’s head open and out emerged Minerva fully grown wearing her mother’s weapons and armor.
Minerva holds creativity, wisdom and strength.

Call Minerva into your life if you are looking for your creative spark particularly in handmade arts or if you are looking to deepen your knowledge and strength.

Card created, written and interpreted by Andrea Forrester.


Hestia the Greek Goddess of Hearth. She is known to look over hearth, home children, domestic life and family. She is often depicts with her symbol the dos.

Hestia was the daughter of Cronus and Rhea. She is the lesser known sister to Hera, Demeter and Zeus. She is one of three virgin Goddesses to reside on Mount Olympus where six virgins tender to her fire. She was known to be loving, kind and discrete. Many Gods respected her for avoiding conflict and war. Many homes in Ancient Greece had altars in their homes to Hestia where wine and food were offered before and after eating.

Hestia is modest, welcoming, gentle, kind yet just and dedicated to her work.

Call upon Hestia for protection of home, space clearing, protection of children, harmony for self, family and domestic life or to assist in creating sacred space.

Card created, written and interpreted by Andrea Forrester.