Another day, another post in an FB group about how “unspiritual” it is to charge for your services. (insert eye roll here.)

I’m sure you’ve heard these reasons before:

“Your abilities are a special gift to heal the world. Why would you put a price on that?”

“You’re denying people who really need you when you charge.”

“You’re being greedy and selfish when you charge for your services.”

Let me lay it out for you in the most simple terms: THAT’S COMPLETE BULLSHIT!

No other self-help industry is so inundated with martyrs and judgemental, self-righteous hypocrites.

Go and tell a surgeon that she can’t charge for her services because her hands are gift from the God or the Universe. She’s denying people who really need her because she charges for her services. See how that goes over.

Ya, a surgeon spends a lot of years in college studying her craft. Of course, she deserves to get an investment on her skill set.

Well, the same could be said for most metaphysical practitioners, tarot readers, energy healers and lightworkers out there.

Believe me, they hone their craft. They take classes, they get certificates, they are in mastermind groups, they are in business programs and witchy schools, they pay for therapists and self-help books…they are always in a constant state of learning.

I’ve never worked with a spiritual entrepreneur who didn’t bust some ass for their skill set.


You deserve to see the fruits of your labors and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Your work is valuable. That includes a monetary value.

Don’t be afraid to charge. Lay down your price and stick with it. Believe in it and don’t settle.

If some people complain that “can’t afford” you that’s on them. That’s not your problem. It’s their money block to deal with and you don’t need to take on that responsibility. Let them do their own work and figure it out.

If you stay firm on your beliefs and honor your own money story then you WILL find your ideal clients that won’t complain about your prices.

They will happily pay because they value YOU and they value themselves.

Oh, and one more thing:

I’ve been in the metaphysical business for at least 15 years now (I’m counting the years I’ve charged.) and I’ve noticed a trend.

The ones who do the most complaining and pointing fingers about charging for metaphysical or spiritual services are usually the biggest dicks in real life. They are unhappy, miserable, self-absorbed know-it-alls whose main purpose in life is to make you feel bad.

So, don’t take offense and ignore them. “Don’t feed the troll” applies here. Do what you want based on your value system and fuck the naysayers.

Using the “delete,” “unfollow,” “unfriend,” and “leave group” features are way easier than trying to appease assholes.

Use your power of veto and believe in yourself.

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