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Discover how to CONTROL, SHIELD and DEVELOP your natural psychic abilities.

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Learn simple, straightforward techniques to help you focus and control your empathic and psychic abilities. Discover how to shield yourself from unwanted energies.

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Yes, You Can Control Your Psychic Abilities.

Imagine if you could turn your empathic and psychic abilities on and off at will. 

Most psychics, empaths and intuitives have the wrong idea about their abilities:


x mark They believe that abilities are an overwhelming force.


x mark They believe their abilities can’t be controlled or maintained.


x mark They believe their abilities only show up during random times.


x mark They believe their abilities have no framework


x mark They believe their abilities are cannot be structured.


It’s not true. There are simple techniques you can practice that will help you strengthen, maintain and structure your abilities.

You don’t have to run around like a mad woman telling people that you can’t turn your abilities off.  First of all, that’s a serious breach of people’s personal space and free will but mostly it’s an excuse to seem special or unique.

Everyone has natural psychic abilities as part of the human experience. You have the option to use them and master them. Or you can be a victim to them.

My name is Heather Woodward.

I’ve taught thousands of empaths, psychics, intuitives and metaphysical practitioners how to identify, strengthen, control and maintain their psychic abilities.

I’ve even helped them change their psychic abilities to cater to their personality and reading or coaching style. (Yes, you can really do that.)

I got so good at teaching psychic development I created a course of a college in Tucson, Arizona and taught it professionally. In this Masterclass, I’m going to give you all of my secrets on how to get a handle on your psychic abilities.


Stop Letting Your Psychic Abilities Rule You.

It’s time to take charge of your natural born empathic and psychic abilities.



A primer for everything you ever wanted to know about your psychic abilities and being empathic.

DivineFeminineHeartRayButton_2100100 MODULE 2: WHAT PSYCHIC ABILITIES ARE NOT

Learn the 5 biggest myths about being psychic and what you can do instead.

DivineFeminineStarBluePinkRay_1100100 MODULE 3: TYPES OF PSYCHIC ABILITIES

Learn about the different types of psychic abilities so that you can better understand your own.

DivineFeminineHeartRayButton_2100100 MODULE 4: IDENTIFY YOUR PSYCHIC SKILL SET

Figure out your dominant psychic abilities and decide whether or not you want to change them.

DivineFeminineStarBluePinkRay_1100100 MODULE 5: DISCOVER YOUR PSYCHIC TRIGGERS

Learn how to identify what energies and situations put you into psychic overwhelm and cause anxiety.

DivineFeminineHeartRayButton_2100100 MODULE 6: CREATE A PSYCHIC SELF-CARE RITUAL

Put together a personal self-care ritual that caters to your energetic needs and lifestyle.

DivineFeminineStarBluePinkRay_1100100 MODULE 7: CONTROL YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES

Learn how to control your psychic abilities through energy shielding and consistent practice.

DivineFeminineHeartRayButton_2100100 MODULE 8: SHIELDING MEDITATIONS

Use these shielding meditations to help control and strengthen your psychic abilities.



1-to-1 Coaching Session – You will get 30 minutes with me to talk about your psychic abilities, ask questions and get guidance on how to use your abilities in a way that suits your personality, career and lifestyle.



Two Bonus Calls (Pre-Recorded) – After you start going through the course material you will have questions. These two calls are a perfect time to get answers and guidance. Plus, each call will contain a bonus module that will give you tons more information about your psychic abilities and how to control them.

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Start taking CONTROL


Learn simple, straightforward techniques to help you focus and control your empathic and psychic abilities.


 This is EXACTLY what I need but I can’t afford it. I understand if you have a limited cash flow. I get it. Don’t take this course if you have to choose between electricity or signing up for psychic training. If that’s not the case then it’s a choice not to afford it. You can choose to not buy more tarot decks or oracle cards. You can choose to make coffee at home. You can choose to get a new client. You can choose to do a couple of more readings. Or you can choose to sell off some things you don’t use anymore. You can choose to budget for this course. There are lots of ways to attract money when you really want something. This masterclass is super informative and there’s nothing like it out there.  It’s a great investment for yourself and your business. So, either choose to afford it or don’t but take responsibility for it.

I’m really busy. I’m not sure if I have enough time to take this course. Luckily, you have a lifetime access to the masterclass. That means you can carve out a little time each week to do a lesson. You only need about an hour to listen to the audio and do the worksheet. The bonus calls will be pre-recorded so you can listen to them at your leisure if you can’t make the live call.

I’m new to using my psychic abilities. I’m still figuring it out. Is this masterclass right for me? Yes. The first few modules of the Empath Masterclass are geared toward newbies. That way you have a great foundation from which to work through the rest of the course.

I’ve got a spiritual-based business and use my psychic abilities every day. Is this masterclass right for me? Yes. The Empath Masterclass will give you a whole new perspective on your psychic abilities. It’s never to late to learn how to shield and control your psychic energies.

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Start taking CONTROL


Learn simple, straightforward techniques to help you focus and control your empathic and psychic abilities.