I’ve been talking to a lot of witchy and spiritual entrepreneurs lately and I’m noticing a trend. Most don’t have an ideal client in mind.

They just want ANY client. Someone who will be open to their services and PAY. Someone who is open to the idea of healing and who will sit through a session or a reading and benefit from it.

I get it. We all want to help and heal anyone who needs it and we all want to be validated for the commitment and energy we put into our gifts.

However, it’s TIME to get really serious about who you want in your sphere of energy and influence. It matters.

You don’t want to allow ANYONE into your business. That’s giving away your power and it stems from a need for validation.

Let me give you the validation your crave. I bet your kick ass at what you do. How do I know?

Well, most healers and witchy women are notorious over-achievers. I bet you have certificates in every single modality that you teach. I bet you study it incessantly and still aren’t sure if you are “good enough” to teach it yet.

Most of you are over-qualified. It’s how you roll. If you are putting so much time and energy into being the best you can be as a witchy or spiritual entrepreneur then why would you work on or read or coach just anybody?

You don’t want narcissists, energy vampires, cling-ons or takers in your energetic field. You don’t want to work with people who are not going to appreciate you or take advantage of you, right?

You want high-quality people who are going benefit from your services, who want to pay for your services and who will make you feel as good as you make them feel.

You want your ideal client so be as awesome as you are and who is going to do the same level of work that you do. You want it to be a symbiotic relationship.

That’s not going to happen if you invite anyone and everyone into your business because you desperately want to make some money. Or if you are in a place of needing validation.

So, let’s get real and start the new year off right. Here’s what I want you to do. Take some time in the next day or two and create your ideal client.

What does she look like? What does she eat for breakfast? What is her job? Is she married? Divorced? Does she have children? What is her personality? What is her favorite restaurant? What income bracket is she in? What is her personality?

Be as specific as possible. If you want to take it a step further draw her. Or cut her out from a magazine. Or find a picture of her online and print her out.

Next, I want you to ask the Universe to bring her to you. Keep your ideal client close to you. Pin her on your cork board. Put her in your journal. Haver her handy. Anytime you have a consultation or a breakthrough session or someone asks about your services I want you to get into the habit of thinking about her.

If the person who you are talking to doesn’t “feel” like your ideal client then intuitively figure out IF you want to work with her. Maybe she holds a quality you didn’t think about in your ideal client. Or she could just be a terrible match.

If you get a bad feeling about someone then I want to have the courage to say NO. Then thank the Universe for the opportunity and ask for something better. You have the right to be picky.

You’ve gone through so much to get where you are and you’ve done an incredible amount of work. Own it and don’t settle for just anybody.

If you’re needing any guidance around this or you want to talk about your business you can set up a 30-minute session with me. Here’s my online calendar: https://calendly.com/divinewildwoman/breakthrough-session.

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