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I will not be adding new content to the Divine Wild Woman Academy at this time…

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I have TONS of courses and trainings in the Academy – about two years worth. No joke. There’s stuff on business, creating your own course, mindset, money, psychic development, mediumship, sex magick, archetypes, astrology and so many other things that I have forgotten about.

The ACADEMY website is a treasure trove for anyone looking to up their psychic or witchy game. Lots of confidence building stuff. Lots of psychic fun. And a good amount of business trainings.

If you want the whole long sales page pitch then just scroll down and read all of my “urgency” marketing banter.

But the point of this little announcement is to let you know if you want access to the ACADEMY on a DIY kind of basis then you can get in for $97.00

The whole she-bang!

Two years worth of courses. Full courses. Not just trainings.

Basically, you get the ACADEMY in a DIY package for $97.00

If that feels good to you and you want in then all you have to do is click here.

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You’re not just stuck, you’re immobile.

You have a big, bold, beautiful divine message you KNOW you need to share with the world but you have no idea how to get it out there.

You’re afraid of being visible because it brings up all kinds of self-doubt issues and who would listen to you anyway? Nobody comes to your classes because you barely advertise and then judge yourself for being a failure.

You secretly doubt your craft and constantly question if you are good enough even though you’ve trained in every single one of your modalities. You’ve got certifications in spades and it still doesn’t feel like you know nearly enough to guide other people.

You secretly wonder if your fraud and don’t charge nearly what you are worth. To make matters worse you have guilt around the very little you do charge because everyone keeps telling you that you need to be giving away your gifts for free.

You’re tired of getting misguided advice from people who don’t get what you’re trying to do. In the middle of the night, you wonder if you should just give up and get a “real” job but the idea terrifies you.

You feel like nobody understands you and wonder why you still feel compelled to serve and heal other people when it’s so confusing in your head. You desperately want to get out of the tailspin but don’t have the resources or the tools to figure it out.

Luckily, what you’re experiencing is common and I can help you. I’ve created a program that will guide you into clarity, confidence, worthiness, and sisterhood.

 The Divine Wild Woman Academy is a SAFE and SACRED  space that offers you the TOOLS, GUIDANCE, and SISTERHOOD you need in order to consistently thrive and succeed as a psychic, empath and/or witchy entrepreneur.

You will have complete access to an intuitive coach. I am very much a leader and participant in the Academy. I am always available for questions, coaching, and brainstorming.


You will have the support of a tribe of women just like you who get it. They understand your struggles, they understand your frustrations because they have them too. They know what it’s like to feel misunderstood and they know what it’s like to be an empath, psychic or witchy entrepreneur trying to make a place for themselves in the world. You will be among friends with whom you can share your journey.

You will have access to business and leadership trainings that is catered the spiritual, witchy entrepreneur. As a witchy woman, you do things differently. You are more intuitive about your choices. You go inward a lot. You might even be introverted.  You aren’t comfortable with selling and you want to make money in a way that feels GOOD to you. In the Academy, you will learn how to create a business on your own terms and have the leadership skills to shine brightly.

dww leadership

You will get to immerse yourself psychic, empath, mediumship and magickal trainings. There’s no point in the be a witchy, wild woman on the inside and a muggle on the outside.  You need to be able to fully embrace your metaphysical gifts and utilize them in your everyday practices. That’s why you will have access to programs and trainings on psychic development, money manifesting, candle magick, spell crafting, medium, automatic writing and much more.

Here’s what current members have to say about  the Academy:

Join the Academy.

Monthly Subscription

$20 a Month

Yearly Subscription

$197 a year

Hi, I’m Heather Woodward

I help psychics, empaths and witchy entrepreneurs level up their natural psychic gifts so they have the confidence to charge what they’re worth.

I’m a total geek for Ancient Aliens and anything to do with alien abductions. When I’m not freaking myself out with strange tales of little grey aliens, I like to read paranormal romance novels, take bubble baths and try out Pinterest recipes. Also, I have a penchant for oracle cards and custom tarot spreads.

My programs can help you get out of your own way, take back your power and be fierce Goddess. It’s time for the feminine to rule the world!


What’s included in the Academy.


Ongoing Live Trainings – You will receive live trainings once a month on psychic development, mediumship, calling in the divine feminine, magick and business practices.


Live Psychic Exercises – You will be able to participate in psychic exercises like intuitive oracle card reading, spoon bending, remote viewing and automatic writing and much more.


Community Support – The Academy has its own private Facebook group which is also used as a virtual classroom and a center for support from your fellow Academy members.


Mastermind Group – The Academy has its own  interactive Voxer group which is a sacred place for sharing breakthroughs, holding each other accountable, asking business and leadership questions, brainstorming ideas, venting our frustrations, airing our emotions and celebrating our successes.

Join the Academy.

Monthly Subscription

$20 a Month

Yearly Subscription

$197 a year

Do not join the Divine Wild Woman Leadership Academy if:

x mark You are an excuse maker. There’s no room for excuses in business or in the Academy. You can be stuck. You can be blocked. You can take downtime to contemplate or to breathe. However, those aren’t the same as making excuses to not get shit done. We are doers in the Academy.


x mark You don’t take inspired action. Taking action is where the magic happens. If you aren’t willing to face your fear and get out of your comfort zone then you shouldn’t join the Academy.


x mark You don’t believe in charging for your services. The Academy was designed to empower witchy women by helping them make money through their services. So, if you aren’t in line with charging then you aren’t a good fit.


x mark You aren’t open-minded. Everyone has their own ethical code and their own way of doing things. It’s okay to respectively disagree but it’s not okay to judge someone for not doing it your way. We don’t judge in the Academy.


Working with Heather Woodward helped me turn the corner from being a lost, confused, creative right-brain entrepreneur – to an empowered, knowledgeable, confident, creative business owner with a real plan and vision. She has a bag full of practical templates and tools. And amazingly she always goes above and beyond the call of duty –  with a generous heart. Go with Heather’s guidance and she will set you on your path with a gentle push, and you’ll be sailing toward all your highest dreams and goals.

-Nina Hart, Writing From the Top of Your Head


When Heather first reached out to me I was at a very low point with my practice and not sure how to fix it. Heather was so generous in giving me some real counsel and practical advice in turning my situation around that I decided to enroll in her coaching program. I found her coaching excellent and her support for me to break through my glass ceiling was stellar. As a result, I have written and published my first e-book with workbook and am about to launch into my next phase in my online marketing program.

Dr. Naomi Beltz, Master Life Coach


Heather combines a smart business approach with self-empowerment to help women build a life and career they can be proud of. She does more than offer encouragement: she outlines steps to help her clients reach the next goal on their journey to being happy, fulfilled and capable. Her insight has helped me evaluate my own path and take positive steps to reaching career goals.

-Beth Dolgner, Author, Editor & Writer


I found Heather at the proverbial fork in the road. She helped move me past stuck, self-doubt and indecisiveness to more clarity and direction around my business goals, structure, message and who I wanted most to serve.  Her willingness to share best practices, tools and resources unselfishly and to guide me step-by-step when I needed it was very impactful to my current success.

Kofi Williams, Women’s Leadership Coach


Heather is sincere, objective, and very concise in what she shares. She is fun, energetic, and a joy to work with as she lays out what she gleans what is and is not needed. She is honest enough to let you know if she can be of help or not and is extremely encouraging all the while. I learned of some things I can do to my website that will encourage more interaction and interest from potential clients.

Annie Zimbel, Psychic


By February this year, I have already made in profit what I grossed last year. I’m stepping up my game now by recently releasing two mini courses after a few years of waffling back and forth.. always wondering if what I put out there was good enough. I had to overcome some serious personal and money blocks. But I did it! Want to know my secret weapon? My coach, Heather Woodward.

Christina Divine, Life Purpose Coach 

Working with Heather I learned great formulas for creating and implementing successful programs, workshops, seminars, and more. I am sowing new successful seeds for my business and they are working. She is creative, intuitive, perceptive, and more. She is a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her.

Wilma Lee, Full Bloom Coaching

Join the Academy.

Monthly Subscription

$20 a Month

Yearly Subscription

$197 a year


When does enrollment end?

Never. Because the Academy is always growing there is open enrollment. Join the Academy anytime.  You can always go back and listen to any of the replays or watch any of the videos. The full programs and challenges can be completed at your leisure.

When do I get access to the archived trainings, full programs and challenges?

As soon as you complete an enrollment commitment you will be directed to membership site to create a profile. At that time you will have instant access to EVERYTHING in the the group has to offer including the Facebook Group and Voxer chat.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds. That is why I call it a commitment and NOT a purchase.  The Academy is an investment in yourself and a place for business and self-discovery.

You will have instant access to thousands of dollars of trainings and programs. Plus, you will have immediate access to my knowledge and expertise.

I am very active in the group and give a lot of personal support and coaching. This alone is worth more than the price of any commitment level.


How long is my membership?

You have the option of a  12-month commitment or a monthly commitment.

Will my membership price ever go up?

No. Once you join at a certain price point you are locked in for life (unless you cancel and rejoin.) If the Academy price rises it won’t affect you.


What’s in the Library of Archived Trainings?

Tons of recorded calls on the divine feminine, candle magic, kitchen witchery, spirit communication, spoon bending, how to create your own package, marketing, business set-up, sacred selling, tarot and much more.

How long do I get access to the Academy materials?

As long as you are a member you will have access.

What if I still have questions?

I’m happy to answer any of your questions. Email me:

Join the Academy.

Monthly Subscription

$20 a Month

Yearly Subscription

$197 a year