Print out the abundance check.

Where it says, “Pay to the Order of,” write your name.

In the box, write how much you want to manifest.

You can either write out the number or you can write “paid in full.”

Sign the check with “Thank You Universe,” or “Thank you the Law of Abundance”.

In the “For” section write down where the money is going or you can write “Refer to Intention List” if it’s going to be allocated to more than one specific intention.

Make sure you write the intention list.

You can leave the date blank or if you have a specific goal in mind write it down. If you don’t have a specific date you can write “within 60 days” or something similar.

Place your check on your alter or create some kind of sacred place for it.

Make sure you track your money.

On the full moon, burn the check and thank the Universe for helping you manifest your intentions.


Affirmations you can use:

I serve. I deserve.

Money comes to me effortlessly.

I am open to ways that abundance manifests in my life.

I am a money magnet.

I am open to receiving.



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