Card 1: Unconscious
What is driving my outcome?
This is the energy that you have already created. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, it’s what you’re thinking subconsciously and what motivates your outcome.

Card 2: Conscious
How is it manifesting?
This is the energy that you are consciously manifesting and how it’s showing up in your life. For better or for worse.

Card 3: What’s Next?
How will it manifest in the future?
If you go through with what you are doing now, this is the inevitable outcome.

If you like your reading: Do nothing. Keep doing what you are doing and it will manifest.

If you don’t like your reading: Ask the Universe what you need to do to change the energy. Pull a card. Journal about how that new energy can be applied to your life.

If you want to play with outcomes: Pick a card that represents the outcome you want. Ask the universe what needs to change in your unconscious. Pull a card. Journal about how you can bring that new energy into your life.

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