Do you feel pressured to a six-figure coach?

Has your heart-centered business become about crunching numbers and money goals?
Do you even remember WHY you became a coach, a tarot reader, or metaphysical practitioner?

Here’s the truth.
YOU ARE BEING TRICKED into buying bullshit.
It’s a giant heap of crap and it’s being spoon fed to you in the guise of a dream.
In the guise of  happiness.
In the guise of  what YOU want.

You’re are not here to be a number cruncher.
Your worth is not a number in your bank account.
Your heart is pumping the life blood of your soul and it’s calling to you.
It’s quietly reminding you of your divine purpose.
It’s trying to break through the worries, the doubts…the madness.

You know that you have a purpose.
You’re here to heal the world.
You’re here to transform and empower those who come to you.
You’re here to light the path, show the way…
Your soul decided this a long time ago before you floated into your human body.
Have you forgotten that?

What does that have to do with numbers?
With six-figures? With seven-figures?
With demonstrative spreadsheets and soul-sucking failures…if you don’t reach that elusive goal?

What if you’re voice already matters?
What if the truth is already there bottled inside you screaming to be set free?
What if you were to take yourself seriously?
What if you were to make friends with your divine power and BE.
Be who YOU are…no fucking apologies. No reservations.
No lies.
No pretending.
What if you were to open up your hidden wings and fly?
And not give a fuck about what other people think of you.
Or what kind of bullshit numbers you have in your bank account.

What if you if you were to
… let your heart guide you?
… let your feminine power guide you?

Isn’t that true freedom?
Isn’t that WHY you wanted to be a spiritual leader?
Isn’t that WHY you became a coach or a metaphysical practitioner?
Because you KNEW there was more…
You knew YOU were more…
You knew you had a calling and the world needs you.

The money will come all by itself…it will…
When you stop hiding from yourself.
When you start taking yourself seriously.
When you listen to the stirrings in your soul.
When you stop being afraid of your own power.
When you acknowledge your own darkness.
When you stop pretending your worthiness is on a dollar bill.
Because it isn’t…

Stop falling for the pre-fabricated bullshit.
You’re not a sheeple.
You’re not a follower.
You never were.
You are a powerful, divine wild woman…
You make your own  rules…
You lead…
You honor the Goddess within you.
You dance under the full moon…
You create from your primordial darkness of your womb.
You are a life bringer.
A powerful  creator.

Start living it…and only then you will see the abundance flow…
Because YOU fucking created it…through your own will…your own power.
Through listening to call of your own soul contract and honoring your divinity.
That is magick.
That IS your worth.
That IS freedom.
And nobody can take that away from you.
THAT is your super POWER.
Take it. YOU deserve it. Now.
It’s your time to shine.

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